The Most Beautiful Train Ride

Sri Lanka, Land like no other! COME VISIT SRI LANKA

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This is the most beautiful train ride. You will see beautiful nature. Beautiful culture. And beautiful people. Welcome to one of my favorite countries in the world: Sri Lanka.

it's here this is the most beautiful train ride in the world it's here on top of a bridge where a train passes by three times a day in the middle of the most beautiful nature you may be wondering where is this well this is in Sri Lanka one of the most beautiful islands in the world that you need to see and also one of my favorite countries I love Sanka the truth is not enough people talk about Sri Lanka but they should it has everything you need to fall in love it has nature beautiful waterfalls hundreds of them coming out of mountains that's why this country is called the country of waterfalls beautiful mountains where people plant millions of tea plants like this one welcome to Sri Lanka and beautiful beaches that are literally untouched and clean it's beautiful and you get your own Beach and it's so private like there is kilometers of untouched Beach I'm in love it has culture culture everywhere you look Sri Lanka has colonial style forts Sri Lanka has Buddhist temples and towns you can walk for hours without getting bored look this is a Hindu celebration in the middle of the street just randomly taking place the local food koutu is one of my favorite street food it's not the healthiest but it tastes wow the best it has some of the most generous and hospitable people you will meet our Sri Lankan everyone is polite friendly and excited to meet tourists s Lankan hospitality is world class they've set up all this food all that food by the beach just for three guys to have dinner thank you no wonder Sri Lanka was chosen as one of the top destinations to visit in 2024 often times we think Beauty should look luxury or modern or minimalist but places like Sri Lanka have a different type of beauty a beauty that is raw a beauty that is hundreds of years old a beauty that makes you feel one with nature and one with time and that's why to me Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries in the